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MARCH 2015
Board of Education Candidate Information - April 7 Election
Five candidates are running for three positions on the District 101 School Board. Please read their bio's here.



We have a contested election with five candidates on the ballot for the three open District 101 School Board positions. This is your chance to see and hear all the candidates as they address the audience and take questions from the floor. Please come out to support your community and learn why these individuals are interested in being a member of the District 101 School Board.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: McClure Junior High Gym

* Election April 7, 2015

Hope to see you there!





Kindergarten & Pre-School Screening Information

Kindergarten screnning for students entering in the 2015-16 school year will occur from April 6-8, 2015 at All Saints Episcopal Church, 4370 Woodland Avenue. The District conducts kindergarten screenings by appointment only. Appointments can be arranged by contacting Mrs. Mary Zebert at the Board of Education office at (708) 246-3700 between the dates of March 9-20, 2015 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The screening appointment includes an opportunity to register for kindergarten. Please bring copies of the following to the kindergarten screening appointment, as the District cannot accept originals and there is no photocopier available at the church: County Issued Birth Certificate and Two Proofs of Residency (a real estate bill and utility bill are preferred). Registration and Screening will take approximately one hour.                                                                                                                                                                                            Pre-School screening for children ages three through five who reside in School Distrrict 101 and who will not be registering for the 2015-16 school year will occur April 23 and 24, 2015. A specially-trained team from the Western Springs schools will screen and assess development in the areas of speech and language, vision and hearing, motor skills, and cognitive skills. Screenings will be conducted at All Saints Episcopal Church, 4370 Woodland Avenue. Appointments for pre-school screening can be arranged by contacting Mrs. Mary Zebert at the Board of Education Office at (708) 246-3700 from April 6-10 and April 13-17, 2015 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. 

Weather Update - February 1

Winter Weather Update

We will continue to monitor weather conditions throughout the night and early tomorrow morning. However, as of Sunday, February 1 at 7:00 pm, District 101 is planning to be in session during regular school hours for Monday, February 2. Should any delay or cancellation be decided upon in the morning, parents and staff will be notified via our Emergency Contact System. 


Dr. Donald Barnes Re-Dedication Ceremony

Shortly after the first of the year, we anticipate welcoming the capstone piece to our recent building addition and renovation project, as the new Administration Center at McClure Junior High is named for long-time Western Springs resident and retired District 101 Superintendent Dr. Donald E. Barnes.

Dr. Barnes spent thirty-five years in District 101 as a teacher, principal, and superintendent – a position he held for nearly twenty years before his retirement in 1994. The District’s Administrative Offices, formerly located on the south end of Field Park School, were named “The Donald E. Barnes Administrative Offices” by the Board of Education in 1995.

We are pleased to reaffirm Dr. Barnes’ significant place in the history of our District as we carry on the dedication of our new offices as the Donald E. Barnes Administration Center at a ceremony to take place on Wednesday, January 21. The cermony will start at 9:45 am and will be followed immediately by a reception in the McClure Library.

The Board of Education would like to invite current and former District 101 students, staff, Board members, and community to attend the ceremony!


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