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More 4th Grade Skills Practice
4th grade skills practice



States & Capitals Practice
state capitals practice
capitals practice
Puzzled States
geography games

State Sites/Social Studies
Explore the States
Stately Knowledge
The 50 States
government sites
government games
National Geographic
Postcards From America
50 Nifty States
State Reports
Unites States maps
Liberty's Kids
Textbook Website
Underground Railroad
Project Presidency

 Time for Kids


4th Grade Math Practice
More math games by unit
Unit 1 practice
Unit 2 practice
Unit 3 practice
Unit 4 practice
Unit 5 practice
Unit 6 practice
Unit 7 practice
Unit 8 practice
Unit 9 practice
Unit 10 practice
Unit 11 practice
Unit 12 practice
Everyday Math For Parents
Everyday Math For Students
Snork's Long Division
Math Pac Man
Math Games
Math Bingo
Cool Math 4 Kids
Kid's Numbers
Math Playground
Cool Math
Math Flashcards
Fun Brain
Freerice Multiplication Facts
Escape from Knab
My Savings Quest
Johnnie's Math Page
Volume Exploration
Lemonade Stand 1
Lemonade Stand 2
Coffee Shop
Decimal Darts
MAP math practice


Fractions, Decimals, Percents Game
Language Arts

Harcourt Language (password Farr)
Harcourt Reading (password Farr)
Read Write Think
Grammar Games
Grammar Practice Park
Grammar Blast
Giggle Poetry
Poetry For Kids
Children's Poetry Archive
Kids' Reads
A Child's Voice Poetry
MAP reading practice
Story Starters
Magnetic Poetry

Character Trading Cards


word pinball
Funbrain word games
vocabulary drills
Word Central
vocabulary fun
Winning With Words
-able -ible hangman


4th Grade Science Skills
The Great Plant Escape
Online Science Fun
Kids Biology
Kids Geology
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Volcano World
Classification Game
Volcano Virtual Field Trip
Animal Games
Rocks & Minerals Web Hunt
Dr. D's Science Lab

 Science Monster

Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore game

Virtual Zoo

Typing Practice

Dance Mat Typing
Typing games & lessons
Power Typing

Search Engines for Kids
Kids Click
Ask for Kids
Cyber Sleuth Kids
Yahoo Kids
Quintura Kids
Internet Public Library - Kids


Spelling & Cursive
Printable cursive practice
More cursive practice
Kids Spell
AAA Spelling
Spelling City


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