Weekly Construction Update

Construction is underway! Watch this slideshow

to see the  amazing changes to Laidlaw

beginning the week of June 16th and on.


Each week, we will add new pictures to the

slideshow to show progress. 


Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 5.18.22 PM

6.20.14 Summer Update

Good morning Laidlaw families. Hopefully you have been able to enjoy some of this soggy summer so far. I wanted to give you some important updates:


1. We do not have working phones at this time. If you need immediate assistance, please communicate vis email and I will answer your questions. Keep in mind that Mrs. Hague will not be back until August 19th.


2. Construction- As of today, we officially have walls going up. The foundations have been poured and walls knocked down, but the big one is coming next week. Take a drive by to see the gym wall slowly come down. The Henry Bros. crew is doing an amazing job. We look forward to continued progress. 


3. Class Lists- This information will be mailed home approximately July 30th along with all your registration information. Please mark your calendars now for August 27th- Fees and Forms Drop Off, 5-7PM.  


4. Special thanks to the amazing people who contributed to the yearbook this year on the Yearbook Committee. We had a great team this year! Thank you to:

Amy Clary, Anne Hill, Deanne Bingham, Sarah Simpson, Carrie Shurhay, Gina Elter, Emily Carter, Denise Clark, Kaci Waters, Kalen Keeley, Maria Young, Kari Gough, Potoula Vlahos, Stephanie Mortimer and Susan Ormsby


I hope that you are all reading, practicing your math facts, and having some fun. I'll keep you updated with any new progress. 


3rd Planetarium

3rd Grade enjoyed a trip to the Planetarium thanks to the support of WSFEE!


2014 3sphoto

2014 3rd photo 3

  2014 Trip to Planetarium

Kdg Visit May 2014

Click here to view the Kindergarten Visit May 2014 information.

kdg visit

Wax Museum

The fourth graders hosted their annual Wax Museum on March 13. During the past few months, the students researched, took notes, wrote essays, edited, and gave speeches about important historical figures. The Wax Museum was the final step in the project. During the Wax Museum, the student statues “came to life” and presented a speech when students and parents dropped coins into their collection boxes.  It was an amazing event, and we raised over $1,000 in just two short hours! All the proceeds went to Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation which was the charity of our fourth graders choice.


wax m


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