Lunch Program

What is the Lunch Program?
The school lunch program, sponsored by the Board of Education and supervised by District 101 employees, is an optional program that allows for children to stay at school for lunch. Children bring their own lunch and eat in the gym. Milk is available for a small fee. Any parent interested in becoming a substitute lunch program attendant or volunteering to help during lunch program should contact the lunch program supervisor, the school principal, or the Board of Education. 

How does my child participate in the lunch program?
Children register to participate in the lunch program as often or as seldom as desired. Each month, the lunch program supervisor sends home a sign-up form for you to pre-register your child for the upcoming month. Milk is available for purchase for $.25.  

If your child attends Student Council, Laidlaw Book Club, or any other lunchtime activity, please designate that your child will be staying. If your child is registered for the lunch program but does not attend and is not absent from school, the lunch program supervisor will call your home to check on your child’s whereabouts. Therefore, if you know your child will not be attending the lunch program and is scheduled to stay, please call to cancel between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. 

Where and when do the children eat?
The children eat at grade-level tables in the gym. During times when the gym is used for a special activity (such as the Book Fair, etc.) lunch program students are supervised in classrooms. The lunch period runs from 11:40 to 12:30. The children go outside before or after lunch, weather permitting, so they should dress accordingly. The park is used if the ground is dry; otherwise the children stay on the blacktop. We will be able to use the new gym space for indoor recess upon completion.

What are the behavioral expectations at lunch?
As we are working to refine our behavioral expectations to be common across all environments and aligned to state standards, the lunchroom and recess rules are the same:

Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Safe.


If a student chooses to not follow the above guidelines:

  1. A verbal reminder will be given.
  2. The student may be removed to the “extra table” for the remainder of lunch and for the next two lunch periods as the situation warrants.
  3. The student will meet with Mrs. DeBartolo to develop a goal-oriented, behavioral plan to support learning proper lunchtime/recess behavior, and parents will be contacted/involved in the process.

Any gross misconduct or disrespectful behavior may result in the immediate removal of the student and contact with the student’s parents.


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