Principal and Office Staff

 Position  Name  Phone Number  Website
 Principal  Erin DeBartolo  708-485-2288  
 Administrative Assistant  Cricket Walker  708-485-4144  
 Registered Nurse  Amber Knoll  708-485-4384  Visit Website


Grade Level Teachers

 Position  Name  Phone Number  Website
Kindergarten Anna Monahan 708-485-4411  
Kindergarten Colleen Fera 708-485-5092  
Grade 1 Kerry Gibbons 708-485-4455  
Grade 1 Nicole MacFarlane 708-485-3496  
Grade 1 Nicole McLaughlin 708-485-4747  
Grade 2 Nicole Dodoer  708-485-4499  
Grade 2 Miranda Edgar  708-485-4450  
Grade 2 Ann Fehser  708-485-4774  
Grade 3 Tori Geroge  708-485-5015  
Grade 3 Kate Kropf  708-485-4644  
Grade 3 Andrea Slifka  708-485-5007  
Grade 4 Jen Elder 708-485-5033  
Grade 4 Lindsey Patterson  708-485-5031  
Grade 4 Katie Roth  708-485-5057  
Grade 5 Jen Cushman  708-485-5055  
Grade 5 Katie Jaeger  708-485-4999  
Grade 5 Jaime Sievers  708-485-5167  


Teaching Staff

 Position  Name  Phone Number  Website
Art Sal Pienschke 708-485-3944 Visit Website
Band Director Dawn Fiebrandt 708-485-2495  
Enrichment Amy Carolan 708-485-5063  
Library Learning Center Suzanne Freer 708-485-5102  
Math Specialist  Cole Ciangi-Bachtell 708-485-2822  
Math Specialist Annie Gaughan  708-485-4477  
Music Lisa Grublesky  708-485-3999  Visit Website
Orchestra Director Stacey Turner  708-485-2543 Visit Website
Physical Education Marc Shulman  708-485-5066 Visit Website
Reading Specialist Lisa Stukel  708-485-5427  
Reading Specialist Anita Dugandzic  708-485-4334  
Resource Jean Banton  708-485-5005  
Resource Nicki Beavers 708-485-2833  
Resource Doreen Hill 708-485-5333  
Social Worker Lori Melhart 708-485-5064 Visit Website
Speech Language Pathologist Melanie Walker 708-485-4499 Visit Website
Technology Integration Specialist Lisa Swanson 708-485-4404 Visit Website 
World Language Kristen Lemar  708-485-2552 Visit Website
World Language Katie Maley  708-485-2408 Visit Website
World Language Amy Wilkin  708-485-3951 Visit Website


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