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The National History Bee


The National History Bee is an exciting new history competition for school children across America. Participating students progress from the school level to the regional level and finally to the National Championship until one student is crowned the National History Bee Champion!

McClure had four students qualify for the Regionals with three advancing to the Finals in Atlanta, Georgia on June 7.  There were more than 670 students from 47 states for 10 preliminary rounds.  Brandt advanced to the Quarterfinals by being one of the top 128 history buffs!  We are very proud of our history loving Bulldogs!


Bee2  HBee1  HBee3 

Jack, Brandt, and Will in

Atlanta, GA

Receiving directions before

the preliminary rounds begin.

McClure's Regional Finalists

Jack, Jeff, Brandt and Will




Alia's Day, June 6, 2014



Governor Quinn honored Alia (who tied for 5th place in this year's National Spelling Bee) and Pranav (who placed second at last year’s National Spelling Bee). Quinn highlighted the importance of education and the vital role teachers play in molding our future. The photo of the Governor’s Proclamation, includes the line, “Whereas, throughout the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Alia’s family, friends, and classmates cheered her on with enthusiasm and pride”.




A huge contingent of Bulldogs came to the Thompson Center, along with teachers and staff, parents, and siblings. Alia and her parents, truly appreciate the unwavering and energetic Bulldog support throughout her Spelling Bee journey, from the Regionals to the National Bee and all the way to today’s press conference. It has been an amazing experience!
IMG 0239  IMG 0247  IMG 0264 
 IMG 0257 IMG 0230  IMG 0256 




McClure's First National Spelling Bee Finalist!


Alia made it through Semifinals correctly spelling "concinnate” (meaning: to place fitly together :  arrange in good order) and misere (meaning: a declaration by which a card player engages to lose every trick), and based on the computerized Semifinals test given last night, she made the cut as one of the twelve finalists. She was the very last finalist announced, and we had pretty much given up hope because there were still at least one other semifinalist (the sister of a former champion) who hadn’t been called and was considered likely to make the finals. But instead we heard, And the last finalistfrom Western Springs, Illinois…” And we erupted in cheers. Watch the Scripps Spelling Bee Final Round on ESPN at 7:00 p.m. tonight to see McClure's very own!  Also check out the Channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. tonight.



Check out these links that shows the support Alia's classmates have given her over the past two days.


8th graders cheer after hearing the 12th Finalist name.


Waiting for the final Semifinal Round


Alia in the preliminary round.



AA1  AA2  aa3 






Congratulations, Class of 2014


DSCN1669  DSCN1672  DSCN1679 
 DSCN1690 graduation cap  DSCN1695 
 DSCN1741 DSCN1744  DSCN1746 
DSCN1751 DSCN1676 DSCN1739
Congratulations, McClure 2013-2014 Super Students
Super Students for fourth quarter were chosen in the areas of responsibility, caring, and citizenship.
DSCN1647  DSCN1643  DSCN1651 
 6th Grade  7th Grade  8th Grade



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