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Name Position Phone Fax
McClure Junior High School 708-246-7590 708-246-4370
Sandy Armstrong Physical Education 708-485-2639
Jennifer Baldassarre Language Arts 708-485-5434
Raymond Bauer Spanish 708-485-2658
Nicki Beavers Special Education Resource 708-485-2833
Laura Broadnax Science 708-485-2341
Clare Buysse Social Studies 708-485-2290
Dan Chick Principal 708-485-2286
Samantha Cook Art 708-485-2444
Rachel Corrough Assistant Principal 708-485-2339
Kelly Corvo Resource/Interventionist 708-485-5335
Kevin Cuff Physical Education/Health 708-485-2395
Ferdinand deGuia Math 708-485-5369
Kasey Diete Guidance Counselor 708-485-2888
Courtney Douglas Spanish 708-485-2672
Dawn Fiebrandt Band Director 708-485-2495
Kathleen Gannon Math 708-485-2720
Cris Hansen Social Worker 708-485-2655
Katie Hoffman Language Arts 708-485-2458
Dana Karney Spanish/Social Studies 708-485-2662
Keegan Kilrea Language Arts 708-485-5118
Kelly Kruiswyk Music 708-485-2463
Christy Landschoot Science 708-485-3993
Shannon McGrath Math 708-485-2730
Jillian McNulty Special Education Resource 708-485-2844
Erin Mesch Language Arts 708-485-2510
Lauren Metz Social Studies 708-485-2326
Karen Moutvic Language Arts 708-485-2365
Anna Nuzzo Social Studies 708-485-2402
Joe Obucina Physical Education 708-485-2556
Amy Pratt Math 708-485-2730
Lynn Rees Social Studies 708-485-2533
McClure Absence
Laura Rupinskas Special Education Resource 708-485-2558
Anne Smith Library Learning Center 708-485-2529
Michael Stock Science 708-485-2335
Ashley Strand Math 708-485-2344
Eileen Tomaso Administrative Assistant 708-485-2004
Beth Tortorello Technology 708-485-2517
Stacy Turner Orchestra Director 708-485-2543
Scott VonBank Science 708-485-2978
Sami Wilbur Language Arts 708-485-2708
Beth Wilson Special Education Resource 708-485-5333
Janet Wolf Psychologist 708-482-1199 x3061
Paula Wolski Reading Specialist 708-485-2308
Jillian Ristow Family and Consumer Science 708-485-2461
Janice Zeman Administrative Assistant 708-485-2009

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